Why Travel with Us?

A Gift To Yourself
Exploring the cultures and wonders of the world: trekking in the Himalayas, zip lining through a rain forest, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, hiking through Europe only to find a fabulous meal awaiting, staying in quaint, unique places. Many people dream of these experiences but find it cumbersome to actually make the dream come to life.

meet-new-faces.jpgBackwoods Adventures makes the dream a reality while you sit back, relax and enjoy. Once you decide to travel with us, we take care of all arrangements from start to finish, so you can do one thing – have the time of your life!
Backwoods Adventures is an affordable luxury.

Travel With Trust
Backwoods Adventures visits all locations prior to offering the trip to fellow adventurers. The BWA team explores the location, accommodations, and meets the local guides that will be a part of your experience. You can feel confident when you travel with us that your trip will be a success.

Passionate Staff
Our guides are travel-savvy, trained and experienced team members. You’ll speak with them before you embark on your adventure to answer all your questions. They are passionate about travel, the BWA destinations and primarily about exploring the world with others.

Explore & Enjoy
Whether exploring a domestic location or venturing to the other side of the world, you can expect the adventure you’ve always dreamed about. Whether enjoying the local culture, taking in the beauty of the outdoors, challenging yourself physically, tasting the local cuisine, relaxing during a “built-in” day off, or just having fun, you will be treated to the experience of a lifetime!

Meet New Faces
You’ll meet some amazing people on your journey with Backwoods Adventures, including your fellow travelers! Backwooders all share a common interest in travel and the outdoors, as well as a passion to explore the world. You’ll meet locals around the globe that you’ll never forget and you’ll be traveling with friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Backwoods Adventures trips are filled with encounters with local residents, camaraderie with fellow travelers and experiences of a lifetime!