Beginner’s Guide to Writing Great Academic Essays

Anyone can quickly write an academic essay if they follow the basic guidelines. One of the first steps toward writing a great academic paper is clearly understanding the question. Students often start writing and submitting essays discussing a different topic than what the professor asked for. Mistakes like that will only cost you a waste of time and a loss of grades. If you are having any difficulty understanding the question, discuss it with your professor and gain clarity. Essay Writing is difficult to master because it requires both creative thinking and critical analysis. In some cases, it involves the art of storytelling to capture and provide a great reading experience to the audience. If you dont want to use best essay writing websites, here are the basic guidelines for writing great academic essays:

Preparing for Essay Writing:

Guide to Writing

If you are responsible for coming up with a topic, decide on a compelling one you know a good deal about. Preparing for Essay Writing is where most students procrastinate. The initial research is all about understanding enough material to start writing. When researching, students often make the mistake of using non-reliable sources and information. Use good and true sources to base your essay paper. After you have gathered enough material to start writing, come up with a rough outline. Cover all the topics you want to discuss in order. The rough outline will help you understand how many topics need more research and how many topics you can start writing right away. An outline will also help you make your essay clear and precise.

Drafting and Writing:

This may seem intuitive, but the only way you can write a compelling essay is to actually sit down and write. This is easier said than done. When you have an essay to write, you may feel anxious or overwhelmed. The temptation to put off writing until the last moment is high. Today’s generation of students also has the added difficulty of battling distractions that are constantly begging for their attention throughout the day. It is also recommended to write the introduction and conclusion of the essay at the very end. An introduction must set the tone of your essay, excite the reader and pique their curiosity. Make sure to follow the outline you have previously formed, and add more details if you need them.

Revision and Editing:

It can be very tempting to edit the essay as you go. But the process of multitasking, both writing, and editing, can stretch the duration of the process. It is recommended to finish writing and then do the editing. Editing allows you to correct mistakes, add more compelling statistics, or provide more evidence if needed. Revision and editing help to make your essays clearer and down to the point. You can organize your essays to form paragraphs and add transition words or sentences.