Pam Cherek

Q & A

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Places you’ve traveled: All over the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, France, Switzerland, New Zealand

Most memorable trip: Dogsledding to the IceHotel in Jukkasvarvi, Sweden. The Northern Lights put on an incredible show. I’ll never forget that night!

Favorite Book(s): The Beach, Lord of the Flies, and all the Little House on the Prairie Books.

Favorite meal after a long day of adventure: Cheeseburger, for the win!

What ignited your passion for the outdoors? Growing up near the lakes and rivers in Nebraska, I spent most of my time outside. My love for the outdoors evolved in college, where I dabbled in climbing and kayaking and ultimately discovered a true love for backpacking. Working at Backwoods, I was inspired to travel internationally…and the rest is history!

Advice for beginners? Don’t be afraid to be afraid.

What do you love about guiding? I think the world becomes a better place as people begin to connect with nature and travel. I love to see clients pushing their limits, getting out of their comfort zones, and becoming more global citizens.