Jennifer Mull

Jennifer Mull, a native of the mid-west, has had a lifelong passion for hiking, backpacking, enjoying the outdoors, and international travel; thus opening the doors for her part-time career as an international guide. As a child she traveled often with her father, and spent many summers hiking in Colorado with groups her father was leading. During college and graduate school she pursued many outdoor activities on her own, and is now thrilled to be involved in the outdoor industry as both a career and a passion.

“The people on our trips weave a fascinating tapestry – all exploring the world, often for very different reasons but in the end creating memories they will never forget.”

Jennifer Mull has led, organized, and /or supported trips to Colorado, Nepal, Costa Rica, the British Virgin Islands, France, Switzerland, Africa, Peru, and Italy. Jennifer has spent her last 10 years working with Backwoods & Backwoods Adventures.  She is always on top of trip details, and makes certain all fellow adventurers have the opportunity to reach their personal goals while doing so in a safe and pleasurable way. Jennifer says having fun and experiencing the essence of the countries visited top her priority list!

Q & A

Hometown:  Austin, TX

Places you’ve traveled:  Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean

Most memorable destination:  Nepal

Favorite Book(s):  In the last few years – – Eat, Pray, Love; Daring Greatly; The Five Love Languages; The Social Animal; A Sense of Direction – Pilgrimage for the Restless and the Hopeful

Favorite meal after a long day of adventure: Totally depends where I am!

What ignited your passion for the outdoors?  Spending time in the outdoors with my dad.  Particularly backpacking in Colorado together and in high school, some international travel experiences.

Advice for beginners?  Stay open to different activities – try a variety of things out and see what speaks to you the most.  As for gear – find out what is critical to the activity and be sure you invest “there” – for example, if you’re going hiking – focus on your footwear and you’ll have a much better trip!

What do you love about guiding?  The people and having the opportunity to show them a part of the world they haven’t seen before or to be a part of a new experience with them.