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Classic Helicopter Hog Hunt    $2995


Additional Information

Hunting License:
Purchase your Texas Hunting License here.

Special out of state license is $48 and can be purchased here.

Activities: Hunting
Difficulty: 2  

Want the best helicopter hog hunting and aerial gunnery experience in all of Texas? We chop around in a five-bladed turbine powered MD-500 helicopter capable of speeds up to 180 mph. We get there quicker and in better style, which further maximizes your dollars and translates into more time hunting and less time getting out there!

Our team members, who each play a vital role within our organization. From military-trained helicopter pilots to ground team coordinators, we account for every detail necessary to ensure you receive the experience of a lifetime. Our safety record is impeccable as we have flown over 25,000 hours and never been cited by the FAA.

The MD-500 Helicopter

The MD-500 is the helicopter of choice for most strategic helicopter teams worldwide. The MD-500 is commonly referred to by its military designator of “Little Bird”. Its nimble airframe, five-bladed rotor design and powerful turbine engine make this aircraft one of the most agile yet stable helicopters available!

Our MD-500 comfortably holds 4 personnel in its current configuration.

With the doors removed, the gunner has a wide field of view and engagement area while remaining seated inside the aircraft and attached to a special gunner’s harness for added safety when leaning out of the aircraft. Non-Resident hunting license is $48 through Texas Parks and Wildlife.



Temple Texas

Just North of Austin and a few hours from Dallas Fort Worth

Classic Helicopter Hog Hunt

Morning Start

10:00 am meet at hangar for brief and paperwork

10:30 Equipment brief

10:45 take off

1:15 touchdown back at the hangar


Afternoon Start

Classic Helicopter Hog Hunt

2:00  am meet at hangar for brief and paperwork

2:30  Equipment brief

2:45 take off

5:15 touchdown back at the hangar

visit Backwoods

Closed toe shoes

Cold weather gear October through February

Warm Weather windy gear March through Septemeber


Trip FAQs

What's included?

All equipment provided

Unlimited Ammunition

Short Barreled Suppressed AR15   

Holographic and red dot weapons sights



Ground crew

Access to Temple Texas Airport


Bottled water

Hangar access


Meals are not provided.  Bottled Water is provided


Accommodations are not included in the cost of the trip, but here are some hotels close to the Hangar:

Holiday Inn

Hampton Inn 

Hilton Garden Inn