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Jan 19-26, 2018 (14 spots left)

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Activities: Fishing
Difficulty: 2  

Ascension Bay, Mexico, is a saltwater fly-fisherman’s dream. Known widely as the ‘Grand Slam’ capital of the world, there is no place you would rather go to tempt a Bonefish, a Tarpon and a Permit all on the same day.  We supply an experienced local head guide and a young pole guide for each pair of anglers. This strengthens your success on the water.  Feast on fresh, local cuisine for the duration of your stay at a fantastic lodge in the heart of Punta Allen. If you’ve had your fill of fishing, take a break and join Chef Adam as he harvests lobster from the sea and prepares that evening’s meal!

Day 1 – Arrival

Greeting and guest check is done and a complimentary Margarita, beer, or soft drink is served. You will be introduced to your rooms, guides and lodge. Most try to get a cast or two in along the east shore for a bonefish. Dinner will be served and all special requests should be stated. If beer is required in your fishing lunch box now is the time to ask. We recommend that quality time be spent in lounge area to prep tackle and discuss tactics and fish. Upon arrival Manuel and or designated staff will check each guest in, collect the Mexican VAT Tax and fishing license fees for each individual fisherman. Please note the lodge does not accept Credit or Debit cards and cash is necessary.

Days 2-6 – Full Days Fishing

Your days begin with early breakfast with approximate time announced the evening before. Then you’re off to the boats with guides. We are not limited by the traditional “8:00 – 4:00” rigid fishing schedule you may be accustomed to at other lodges. Our guides are not required to pull you off good fish to meet a schedule. The only constraint is to be on the beach before sunset in accordance with the laws of the Sian Ka’an.

Your tackle and lunch chest will be transported for you. Be sure to not forget anything needed for a successful day on the water. Depending upon your location and weather conditions, the guides will start heading back to the lodge at about 4:30 PM. After arrival at the lodge, your guide will rinse your rod and reel in fresh water, clean and stretch your fly lines and store safely in the second floor lounge area ready for tomorrow’s outing.

Happy Hour cocktails, lemonade, soft drinks and beers are available and served. Great Mexican traditional appetizers are served after boat arrivals. Join the other anglers and guests at the lodge for a refreshing and cool cocktail and delicious hors d ‘oeuvres. Then of course dinner is served. If you have the will, there is usually a crowd that retires to the bar and dining area for after-dinner drinks, cigars on the rooftop Palappa, and/or plenty of fishing stories. The fly-tying (Liars) table is available to guests that want to twist up some new flies for the next day’s fishing, and there is wireless Internet access at the lodge for those who desire to check in with their family or friends.

Day 7: Departure day

Await the van or transpiration vehicle. Breakfast as usual and a departure time conducive to flight time. Most try to get a cast or two in along the east shore for a last minute bonefish.

Rods & Reels:

  • 7-8 weight for Bonefish
  • 8-9 weight for Permit, Tarpon and Snook.
  • Reels need to have around 100+ yards of backing for bonefish and 200+ yards for permit.
  • Weight forward floating lines. Generally, no sinking lines are needed. Spinning rods are great to have also for throwing at Barracudas or if it’s really windy and you’re not a great fly caster.
  • Bring some small and medium jigs with white, yellow or pink hair, and a couple red and white Zara Spooks.

Leaders & Tippet:

  • Bonefish, 9-12 ft, 8-15 lb
  • Permit, 9-12 ft, 15-20 lb
  • Tarpon and Snook, 20 lb with 60-80 lb bite tippet
  • Wire tippet for “Toothy” critters

Bonefish Flies: Patterns don’t seem to be the important factor. It’s having different sizes and weights that is important. Have some size 8 with small eyes for shallow water, some 6 for medium water and some size 4 with heavy eyes for deep water. Good colors are pink, tan, white and orange. We like patterns with rubber legs and tan fur. Usually 20-30 Bonefish flies will be plenty.

  • Crazy Charlies in tan, pink, white
  • Mini Puffs in pink and orange
  • Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp
  • Gotchas

Permit Flies: The Raghead Crab has been the best producer in recent years. Again it’s important to have
different weights. Hook sizes 4-6. You don’t need a lot of crabs. A few in light tan, a few in medium tan, and
maybe a few Mantis Shrimp type patterns or “Squimps”. With permit, presentation and a lot of luck are more
important than the pattern itself. Try to get ones about the size of a dime, the big ones ones are hard to cast
in the wind.

Tarpon and Snook Flies: The tarpon here never seem to be to particular on pattern. Black Death is a good
one to start with. Other good color combination are orange and yellow, Red and White, Blue and White.
A standard white deceiver is good for Snook. Most of the Tarpon here are small but they’re just as capable of
cutting through tippet as the big ones. Have some 20-30 lb mono and tie that directly to some 60-80 lb bite
tippet. You don’t need to buy a bunch of the 10 dollar tarpon leaders. 5-10 Tarpon flies should be plenty.

Misc. Supplies:

Insect Repellent


Polarized Sunglasses


Flats Booties

Long Sleeve Fish Shirts

Quick-Drying Pants and Shorts





Rods and Reels

Lines, Leaders and Tippets



Fanny Pack

Rain Coat

Dry Bag

Ear Plugs for a noisy roommate

Trip FAQs

What's included?

Professional Local guides

Accommodations (based on double occupancy)

Chef-prepared meals for the duration of your stay at the lodge

Non-Alcoholic beverages

Chef Adam’s special margaritas  – complimentary all week!

Optional, but included – spend one day harvesting fresh lobster with Chef Adam

What's not included?

Transportation to/from Casa Viejo Chac

Personal fishing equipment and clothing (see Gear List)

Mexican VAT tax (16%, paid in cash upon arrival)

Fishing License fee (paid in cash upon arrival)

Travel insurance


Alcoholic Beverages  (Exception: Chef Adam’s margaritas are complimentary all week)

Personal extras (laundry, massage, etc)


All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are provided and included. A regional chef and his assistants that work exclusively for Casa Chac prepare the food. An average morning consists of local fruit, juice, eggs, pancakes or French toast for breakfast along with some local Mexican traditional breakfast dishes served with a great regional and fresh cup of Mexican coffee. The lunch coolers have sandwiches, fruit, chips, bottled and or purified water and cokes. Beer may be requested the day before but is not included. For the non-fishermen, our Chef prepares a traditional Mexican lunch everyday. Dinner choices range from fresh fish to chicken fajitas and lobster when in season. Soups are one of the cook’s specialties and homemade desserts are also served nightly. All is tasty, healthy and always ample. Bottled and or purified water and ice is served for drinking along with sodas and wine.

Happy Hour is served with fresh ceviche, nachos, quesadillas and other local favorites everyday after fishing arrivals and showers. It is held in any of three areas desired, rooftop Palappa, pool table lounge, fly table or outdoors on the patio which is the most favorite because local guides and Casa Chac guides usually migrate there to tell fish stories! Full bar service is available at all three.

The full service bar is available in the dining room, but feel free to bring your favorite spirit. Alcohol is easily obtained along the road from the airport to Tulum – just mention to your driver you are interested in stopping to make a purchase. There is no charge at the lodge for bottle service and the bar is limited in selection of spirits especially in the non-national ones.


The rooms at Casa Viejo Chac are as good as you’ll find in Punta Allen – clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned. Each has it’s own private bathroom with hot water showers. 

Casa Chac offers a Palappa rooftop ocean viewing area for a great place watch the stars or to smoke a cigar. The second floor lounge has a pool table and a table for tying flies. This is the area where tackle and rods are lined up by staff after a fresh water bath is done on all. The Spanish “siesta” with hammocks can be practiced in this area.  There is an area for fly casting lessons and priactice just outside the front door and patio furniture for Happy Hour and appetizers. The dining room is actually a restaurant with a full service bar that serves to locals and tourists in the village.

Purified and or bottled water is always available.

Daily room maid and towel service is included.

Available but not included is an on call licensed message therapist.

Also available but not included is laundry services.

All staff is local and family with great smiles and personally managed by Manuel.