Activity Levels

Level 1 (one boot print) – up to 4 hours of physical activity on the most strenuous days. Most people in descent physical condition should be able to participate. A Level 1 trip may focus on culture, opportunities for great photography, and light adventure. Bring the family and have a blast!

Level 1 Trips: Lake Titicaca Cruise, Galapagos Cruise, Tanzanian Photo Safari, Colorado Fly-Fishing, Arkansas Fly-Fishing

Level 2 (two boot prints) – up to 6 hours of physical activity on some days. Most people in good physical condition should be able to participate with some physical training and preparation. A great mix of relaxation, excitement and physical exertion, these trips are fun for nearly everyone!

Level 2 Trips: Costa Rica Multi-Adventure, Iceland Adventure, Vietnam Multi-Adventure, New Zealand Multi-Adventure, Alaska Fly-Fishing, Antarctica Cruise

Level 3 (three boot prints) – up to 8 hours of physical activity on some days. Level 3 trips may include more technical activities like glacier exploration, caving, or higher altitude trekking. A physical training program is recommended before departure. A physician’s release may be required. These trips are designed to get your adrenaline pumping!

Level 3 Trips: Utah Backpacking, Machu Picchu, Tour du Mont Blanc, Yellowstone Backpacking

Level 4 (four boot prints)10+ hours of physical activity on the hardest days. These adventures are designed for experienced individuals who want to push themselves. Activities may include high-altitude trekking, various extreme sports, or some mountaineering with significant exposure to the elements. Physical training is the key to having a safe adventure. A physician’s release is required.

Level 4 Trips: Kilimanjaro Ascent, Trekking in Nepal, Patagonia Trekking